Some high schoolers think of applying to colleges as almost a full-time job. istanbul private transfer There are essays and tests, loads of financial documents to assemble and calculations to make- and then big decision. For students who come from low-income families, the challenge is particularly difficult to juggle of that- the writing, the studying, the researching and applying-completely on their own.

Research shows that students from families in the bottom economic quartile comprise only three percent of enrollment in the most selective colleges, while those from the top economic quartile comprise 72 percent. Every year, 440,000 low-income high school seniors who are qualified to go to college do not enroll; 85% of them never even fill out a college applications.

Rethink College Admission Counselling

Our mission is to improve student college admission outcomes with less stress and more success, regardless of socio-economic background. We believe that every student deserves a high-quality education and that we need to remove structural barriers so every student has the supports and resources they need to succeed. Digital College Counselling Platform provides the necessary tools to empower students, allowing them to take ownership of the process, make informed decisions, and provide them direct access to higher education opportunities they are seeking.