Financial intelligence is knowing what to do when we want to make financial decisions such that we do not have financial problems.

In today’s world, most US high school students never have to take a personal finance class. airport transfers turkey However, students have accumulated $1.45 trillion in student debt, and grads will be squeezed for years attempting to pay it all off.

Future generations would likely benefit from learning the basics around saving, making budgets, and investing, as well as how to evaluate major personal finance decisions like buying a home or paying for a college education.


Technology Improves Financial Intelligence

For lower-income Americans, a lack of access to mainstream personal finance and banking services prevents people from gaining wealth. To shrink the gap, we believe artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to assist customers in making wiser financial decisions. For example, an AI-oriented platform can analyze students’ spending habits so they can make better financial choices, such as cutting back on how often you go out to eat or setting a budget for online shopping.